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the lamma forest map

Within our Lamma Forest Map below, you can see the progressions of ABLE projects and how the forest has been growing.

The map includes these features and more:


Lamma Forest’s Growth from 1997-2011


Villages & Buildings

Points of Interest

Hiking trails

The Forest is located in the tranquil and tourist free Northern part of Lamma Island. Luckily this part of the Island remains off any official tourist or guide map and therefore is much quieter, greener and cleaner than the rest of the high traffic areas.

The chances of bumping into other people up here is pretty low. Besides the panoramic views and some happy trees you might see some colourful birds or wild boar if you are really lucky. These newly revived creatures are very shy and cautious having been already wiped out on this Island once before. Their recent arrival once again is in part thanks to the growth of the Lamma Forest as boars need forests to survive.

Before you set out to explore the forest download and print out a copy of the map which is available above.



– Wear some sturdy shoes and long trousers

– Take a bottle of water and your mobile phone

You are now ready to enjoy a hike without seeing any railings, ‘do not’ signs and cemented paths, just earthen meandering country paths through shaded and breezy spots. There are mainly four paths to walk and these are all connected and quite short and fairly easy to walk.

arguably one of the best kept secrets in Hong Kong

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