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support us in planting more trees in Hong Kong

As we are a tiny operation, we need all the help we can get to keep the charity running...


We are happy to recieve any and all donations - no matter how little or how large. We have provided information on how to do this below, so that you may transfer to our Hong Kong HSBC account.


If you're a corporate body building your CSR profile in Hong Kong, it's not often you get wholesome, local causes to support.. We're one few charities in Hong Kong that still carry out tree planting, and more people are clocking on to the fact that,.. well... we need more trees!


So help us to help you and reach out if you want to get involved in donating people-power or dollars - we don't mind..

our current needs

We are currently in need of support to cover our basic operating costs of $15,000 HKD per month.  Any contribution is welcomed, but if you are part of an organisation that has the capacity to support our monthly efforts then we will be very grateful for your ongoing partnership.

individual sponsorship

Donation Information

A Better Living Enviornment Hong Kong (Charity) Ltd.

HSBC Account: 161-035720-001

corporate partnership

All donations are tax-deductable and we can provide you with a reciept or certificate upon request

what we use the funding for

Our annual projects focus on North Lamma Island exclusively. They revolve around three main areas of focus:

  1. The custodianship & maintenance of the Lamma Forest. This involves planting more & indigenous trees & shrubs to increase the biodiversity of the ecology. Managing typhoon damage, natural damage, or human-caused damage. Clearing and opening up trails/paths for the public to enjoy. Picking up and hauling away safely, illegal dumping of rubbish, debris, and construction materials that are sadly often dumped. Keeping a close eye on the trees and shrubs in North Lamma. Watching out for any illegal activities that harm the environment.

  2. The upkeep and maintenance of our native tree nursery. The upkeep and maintenance of Gaia Valley, the freshwater stream being the largest on Lamma Island, the flora and the fauna within it. Organic farming on our small plot of land.

  3. The study of the Romer’s frogs population within North Lamma Island. This is a scientific study that will be undertaken this rainy season by Dr. Michael Lau. As of now, we don’t know how much this study will cost as it has not been conducted before. The results will be published in approximately one year after completion of the study in a scientific journal.

Being a non-profit charity dedicated to keeping North Lamma Island’s environment healthy & clean, as much as physically possible, within our limited resources and above all, our limited time, we often come across unexpected challenges and tasks that are put in our way. These unplanned tasks are dealt with on an as-come-by basis.

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