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As we are a tiny operation, we need all the help we can get to keep the charity running...


We are happy to recieve any and all donations - no matter how little or how large. We have provided information on how to do this below, so that you may transfer to our Hong Kong HSBC account. We're getting a PayPal link set-up so that things are easier, so hang in there.


If you're a corporate body building your CSR profile in Hong Kong, it's not often you get wholesome, local causes to support.. We're one few charities in Hong Kong that still carry out tree planting, and more people are clocking on to the fact that,.. well... we need more trees!


So help us to help you and reach out if you want to get involved in donating people-power or dollars - we don't mind!

Donation Information

A Better Living Enviornment Hong Kong (Charity) Ltd.

HSBC Account: 161-035720-001

Thanks to Our Sponsors

If you're interested in sponsoring us, please send us a message & we'll pop your logo here...!

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