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ABLE Charity first came together in 1993 as a Grassroots environmental action group and was founded as a direct consequence from a lack of protection, and voice, for Lamma Island’s environment.

Stemming from a campaign launched to stop the reclamation of a beautiful beach on the island that resulted in a success story leading to the official registration of the group as a charity with the Hong Kong government.

Here it remains to this very day.



"the act or process of establishing a forest especially on land not previously forested"



The Lamma Forest is a natural resource for all generations present and future, one whose value will increase in the years to come.

The land currently has no adequate protection so the vision is to rezone the land into a Conservation Area (CA) thereby safe guarding it for the future. The Lamma Forest is a gift for one and all to enjoy.

Furthermore we envision to embark on similar projects across Hong Kong, expanding our education & outreach.


We want to raise awareness about a fundamental integral link between people and ecology. They are one and the same, yet our modern lifestyle inadvertently separated as well as distanced humans from their environments.


This has had serious consequences which have become quite obvious today, but less so in the early 1990’s of Hong Kong.


 ABLE charity has assumed the responsibility of implementing change through direct action and by setting examples that inspire change in the behaviour, lifestyles and habits of people.

This iconic rock carving at the entrance to the Lamma Forest encourages visitors to protect it




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