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We source, plant & maintain native trees to increase biodiversity on previously barren hilsides in an aim to offset the damage that development has done to many of Hong Kong's indigenous forests, and supply local people with a wealth of natural resources for a more resilient future.



We help people of all ages come to understand the environmental problems that plague Hong Kong's future - and help them become a part of the movement for positive change, both on the ground and in the office.

what can you do?

We always need support!

Our tree planting season runs from March to August each year, so if you'd like to get involved then shoot us a message to let us know you're interested and we can let you know some of the dates we'll be taking action. What a great way to get the family involved in some positive action!

We're a very small charity but we've got big hearts and a big mission!

We do, however, rely on funding to keep us going. If you're an individual, school, or represent a corporate body who would like to get involved with & give back to some meaningful local CSR initiatives in Hong Kong, then we'd be very welcoming of any donations!

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